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The Technology

VR Technology

Virtual reality (VR) enables users to experience a virtual 360-degree world, to view it from all sides, to move around in it and to interact with it. The user is no longer aware of his real surroundings – he has the feeling of being on the spot in the virtual world.

AR Technology

With augmented reality (AR), the user must actually be there, because the real world is merely enriched by virtual content. Text information and graphics are superimposed on the real world in real time. In contrast to VR, the physical reality is therefore still perceived in AR.

Mobile Assist

With Sleeve.XR Mobile Assist you can get additional information virtually in addition to your products or display hidden objects in addition to the real object.

Virtual Assist

Let us introduce you to our Robot “EVEE”! EVEE is your customized virtual assistant enabling a different and truly innovative training experience. Tell us more about your area of application and together we make EEVE your training expert..

Remote Aid

You don´t have the possibility to maintain your technical equipment and assist employees with repairs? Sleeve.XR Remote Aid is the solution for you. Connect with your engineers and customers worldwide from anywhere in the world virtually

Digital Twin

The name EEVE is coming from our Name SLEEVE.XR and she communicates with you as a virtual expert. The audio and visual assistance helps to transmit learning contents more easily and understandably.