Immersive Collaboration for
industrial application

Never be limited again to locational boundries thanks to state-of-the-art AR / VR / XR technology

Your Benefites


Reduce unnecessary travels


Faster incident resolution

Increased Productivity

Less pain, Less anxiety


Improve quality control

Precise visualized design

Improve first time fix rate


Significant error reductionl


Shortened training time

Active Learning

Increases engagement in learning

Accident Prevention

Safer working environment

The Technology

AR Technology

With augmented reality (AR), the user must actually be there, because the real world is merely enriched by virtual content. Text information and graphics are superimposed on the real world in real time. In contrast to VR, the physical reality is therefore still perceived in AR.

VR Technology

Virtual reality (VR) enables users to experience a virtual 360-degree world, to view it from all sides, to move around in it and to interact with it. The user is no longer aware of his real surroundings – he has the feeling of being on the spot in the virtual world

Efficient training success

with virtual reality

Use of virtual reality to realistically simulate operations. Real joysticks and VR goggles enable users to simulate the operation of various devices devices realistically in the simulation without having to use the actual machine.

The next level of Vehicle operation

Next Level Operator (NLO)

Our virtual assistant "Eeve" navigates the operators through the complex functions of the machine. An expert then takes over the decentralized control via data glasses and supports the employee in operating the respective device.

Tablet-based support

Use of own mobile device

Scenarios such as load securing, set-up work, commissioning, or maintenance work, can be trained innovatively using tablet-based applications.