Immersive Collaboration for
healthcare application

Never be limited again to locational boundries thanks to state-of-the-art AR / VR / XR technology


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Your Benefits


Reduce unnecessary travels


Faster incident resolution

Increased Productivity

Less pain, Less anxiety


improve quality control

Precise visualized design

Improve quality control


Significant error reductionl


Shortened training time

Active Learning

Increases engagement in learning

Accident Prevention

Safer working environment

The Technology

AR Technology

With augmented reality (AR), the user must actually be there, because the real world is merely enriched by virtual content. Text information and graphics are superimposed on the real world in real time. In contrast to VR, the physical reality is therefore still perceived in AR.

VR Technology

Virtual reality (VR) enables users to experience a virtual 360-degree world, to view it from all sides, to move around in it and to interact with it. The user is no longer aware of his real surroundings – he has the feeling of being on the spot in the virtual world

Remote Aid operator

Usability Engineers for 20+ years

As an operator, you are equipped with augmented reality smart glasses in your typical working environment. If you need assistance, you can connect with a colleague or expert (proctor) and work together to solve the problem.

Remote Aid operator

Usability Engineers for 20+ years

Using a PC or tablet, you can efficiently support your colleague in real time, via audio and video communication, regardless of your current location. The web-based browser application provides various individually usable tools.. The Proctor can display helpful images, videos, and notes, which are directly projected into the real working environment of the Operator.

Remote Aid operator

Usability Engineers for 20+ years

Medical sector can be beneficiary of the remote assist technology, which made the bridge between the expert (proctor) and applier in different places and made for example the surgical procedure easier and more identical..