While many ‘all-in-one’ remote collaboration programs end up being high risk for failure, hard to understand and plain time-consuming,
we developed an astonishing innovative mixed reality solution that is already user tested and adapted to be most user friendly.

Our intuitively easy-to-use product enables location-independent collaborations, so you won’t even realize you are not all in the same room.

Use case




The Technology

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Sleeve.XR – Transforming

Usability Engineers for 20+ years

We are a team of programmers, software developers, 3D artists and AR/VR experts. Currently we are still a small team of about 25 employees. We develop our own software “Sleeve.XR” with, which seemingly unlimited possibilities can be realised in virtual and augmented reality.

The focus of Sleeve.XR are the industry, the medical sector, the health & rescue service and also the end user. We develop remote applications for training environments, virtual working instructions and repair information.